The value of being human: Barclays Wealth report

Written by Rebecca O'Connor on 14th Sep 2015

The Value of Being Human: A Behavioural framework for impact investing and philanthropy

This report, launched last week by Barclays (which is kind of ironic, but never mind) is fascinating if you are interested in a) psychology b) money.

Key quote:

“Our own research shows that investors are keen to embrace impact investing, but turning these good intentions into a comprehensive investment strategy is proving harder to achieve. There is clear evidence of a desire to do social good through investments, but until now investors have been ill-equipped to navigate this complex area with any degree of confidence. Lacking the tools they need to make balanced and informed investment decisions, many feel unprepared or unable to realise their social and philanthropic ambitions.” Akshaya Bhargava Chief Executive Officer, Barclays Wealth and Investment Management

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