A defining moment: what is social investment?

Written by Lisa Stanley Mann on 15th Sep 2015

If you’ve heard the words social investment, impact investment, responsible investment being bandied around recently, but don’t have a scooby what they mean, it’s worth a read of this article in Pioneers Post  by Phil Caroe, director of social finance at social venture support platform, Allia, to put you in the picture.

Key quote:

… we want to influence the attitudes, and consequently the behaviours, of investors so that consideration of social impact becomes a fundamental aspect of investing. This attitude shift is in itself a good thing. By moving the conversation on from the opportunity for personal gain to the implications for social well-being, we are helping to create a more responsible and relational culture. Furthermore as money begins to move away from socially irresponsible companies – as we are seeing with the fossil fuel divestment campaigns – this motivates companies to recognise the market advantages of a more responsible and positive impact approach.

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