What does being good with money mean to you?

Written by Rebecca O'Connor on 15th Oct 2015

It can be difficult to know where your moral compass lies.

Do you hate smoking with a passion or believe it is someone’s right to choose?

Do you think alcohol sales should be more strictly prohibited, or is everything ok in moderation?

Do you think drilling for oil is a crime against humanity, or does it save people from poverty?

Can you not even be bothered to ponder such intractable matters?

One reason so many people turn away from ethical finance is that they cannot decide for themselves the answers to such questions – and trying to agree on a set of ethics can prove so arduous for money managers that they just give up altogether.

You won’t be surprised to learn that we think that is really poor form. Defeatism is not our style at good-with-money.com, so we are asking you to have a little think about what being good with money means to you, whether that is preventing food and energy waste at home, spending less or investing in renewable energy for your pension, and to let us know with a short video, tweet, comment below or email.

And here’s a wee-little quizzy to inspire you.