Cut the carbon

Written by Lisa Stanley Mann on 16th Oct 2015

Here at we’re delighted to learn that big thinking, big acting non-Big Six energy company, OVO Energy, is the first mainstream supplier to eradicate dirty coal and nuclear from its fuel mix.

In eliminating coal – which makes up almost 27% of the UK’s electricity mix yet is the most polluting form of power generation – from its fuel mix, Ovo has achieved a carbon intensity reduction of 34% against last year.

Never one to accept the status quo, OVO Energy has spent the last year working on a mechanism to reduce its CO2 emissions and also rid coal from its fuel mix.

We HEART Ovo in its efforts to provide low-carbon non-nuclear energy and still offer a good deal to its customers.

OVO’s CEO, Stephen Fitzpatrick, said: “As an energy supplier, it’s our responsibility to make sure we’re offering great service, terrific value and responsibly sourced energy. I’m delighted that we’ve reduced our carbon footprint by 34% whilst still giving our customers value for money.

“We’re committed to increasing the volume of renewables in our fuel mix and I feel proud to be leading the market in finding smarter ways of doing this.”

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