£15 billion in green and ethical funds, says EIRIS

Written by Rebecca O'Connor on 20th Oct 2015

The amount of money invested in the UK’s green and ethical retail funds reached more than £15 billion in 2015, growth of 250 per cent in 10 years.

In 2005, the amount invested is “ESG” – Environmental and Social Governance – funds, was just £6 billion.

However this remains a small percentage of total funds under management (1.8%), which stood at £840 billion in August 2015, according to the Investment Management Association.

Stephen Hine, deputy CEO at EIRIS, the ethical investment research group, said: “With continued consumer interest in global issues like climate change, human rights and equality, it is not surprising that consumers are keen to explore responsible finance. Leading financial product providers are developing products with responsible investment strategies for this growing market.”

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