The week money went good

Written by Lisa Stanley Mann on 23rd Oct 2015

As we come to the end of Good Money Week, we’ve taken a little time to digest everything it has thrown at us.

And we’ve come to the conclusion that good money is for life, not just a week in October.

Maybe you’re considering retirement and want to be able access a safe but sustainable – in every sense -income for your twilight years.

Possibly you’re a new parent and want to teach your (frankly, rather costly) offspring how to be good with money.

Or perhaps you’ve just started at uni and can’t bear the thought of the bank account you’ve had for the past five years potentially funding the future destruction of the planet (I’ll make my own bank account decisions now, thanks very much mum and dad).

Whichever life stage you’re at, now is the time to be inspired by Good Money Week. You can start by asking questions of your financial providers where you aren’t sure where your money is going. Just try it, see what they say.

So here at Good With Money we’ve rounded up some of the pearls of wisdom we came across this week:

  • And the amount of money invested in the UK’s green and ethical investment funds has now reached more than £15 billion  – that’s growth of 250 per cent in 10 years

As a final thought, we’ll leave you with some words from a real good money guru, Jamie Hartzell, founder of Ethex, the platform for positive investments: “Money is like a teenager – it never does what you say and makes a habit of getting into trouble. Being good with money is hard work – it means doing all you can to stay in touch with your money and making sure that it is behaving well.”