New campaign calls on world’s largest companies to go green

Written by Lisa Stanley Mann on 9th Dec 2015

Collectively, our pension schemes invest more than £3 trillion. They invest our savings in many of world’s largest companies.

Share Action, the responsible investment campaign body, today launched a new drive, together with the RE100 investor initiative, to encourage those companies to commit to 100% renewable energy.

The private sector accounts for around half of the world’s electricity consumption. What if those companies committed to renewable electricity? What if that sector was the catalyst for the energy revolution? As investors in those global companies we all have the chance to use our stake to ensure our pension schemes start nudging them over to renewables.

Imagine if that £3 trillion of pension fund investments was pushing the energy revolution forward. Imagine if we invested in a low carbon economy as well as saving for the long term.

On their website is a handy form to enable you in one easy step to email your pension fund and ask them to join the RE100 initiative.

Share Action say: ‘The more of us who pressure our pension schemes, the sooner they will take action and make sure the world’s biggest companies commit to 100% renewable electricity use.’

The campaign launches as the COP21 global climate talks in Paris draw to a close.

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