Lisa’s 6 Good Money rezzers for 2016!

Written by Rebecca O'Connor on 30th Dec 2015


How is Lisa going to be good with money this year? These 6 ways:

1) Now I have the luxury of time (?!) during the day, I want to make more effort to visit my local greengrocer, butchers – generally all the gorgeous independent shops in Bristol – no more trips to local Sainsbury’s or Waitrose deliveries for me (well, less frequently, anyway). ┬áBut I’m not doing a box system as did that before and ended up with too much wastage. It did mean I cooked more veg tho, and better food in general.
2) Progress Dom’s Junior ISA application – it’s written and printed, for God’s sake, I just need to send it off with his ID. My Dad has his chequebook ready for a deposit for him!

3) Find out what’s happening with my cursed VW Golf Diesel. New car is out of the question, but I can get it to be less polluting!

4) Seeing as Father Christmas delivered a lovely green bike to Seb, get him out on it more regularly…he can join me on the 4x weekly jogs I am planning to do!

4) Book train tickets earlier so I waste less cash on them.

5) Register for self-assessment.

6) Generally be more organised and better with my finances all round! As well as ‘good’ with my / our money.

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