Top 5 Good With Money posts so far

Written by Lisa Stanley Mann on 11th Jan 2016

If the further stock market turmoil (just heard it called a ‘funk’ – officially my new favourite word) leaves you at a loss (again) about how to be good with money and have your money do good, here’s a handy reminder.

We’ve collated the Good With Money top 5 posts since this site launched in October to help you remember.

Here’s what our readers are most interested in:

  1. 5 ways to make your finances climate-change friendly (for the COP21 Paris climate change conference) –¬†featuring, home energy, current accounts, savings accounts, renewable energy, socially responsible investment (SRI), and crowdfunding
  2. The top 6 good money trends for 2016 – including the Innovative Finance ISA, ethical current accounts, ESG scores from ratings agencies, social investment and challenger banks
  3. All you need to know about electric cars
  4. How to have a green Black Friday or, more generally, how be a ‘good’ consumer when buying electricals, fashion, food and booze
  5. Becky’s first SMUG MONEY post – profit is not a dirty word; you don’t have to be bad to make money

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