Spare any change?

Written by Lisa Stanley Mann on 8th Feb 2016

Not another book about money. Money’s buggered anyway, isn’t it? What’s the point, when our financial system remains in the thrall of those too big to fail banks, the 1%, the seemingly omnipotent oil companies, politicians with too-tanned faces and more money themselves than sense.

Well, there’s a new book out (read on to see how you can get your hands on a free copy) this week that could begin to change your disengaged preconceptions about money and perhaps help you see it – and your relationship with it – in a new light.

Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting.’ The new book Spare Change: Better Ways to Manage Money is designed to help us do just that.

Iona Bain

Its author, 27 year old YoungMoney blogger, found of the Y Money Y site and Oxford music grad, Iona Bain says, ‘Let’s face it. Money matters. It features in every aspect of our life; from education, getting married, determining what social circles you move in, even having a bearing on your diet, health and sleep patterns (especially if your finance keeps you awake at night).  The ‘m’ word can often summon a guilty dread with many of us avoiding talking about our finances altogether.’

Yep. Guilty as charged.

The book aims to be an inspirational yet down–to-earth guide that will enable you to save more, budget and be happy with your money. It looks at seven approaches to money: 

  1. How We Think about Money looks at how our relationship and emotions connected to it
  2. Money in Perspective presents the challenges for those lacking in affluence and how debt affects lives 
  3. The Desire to Acquire delves into our ‘need for reward’ with what we can afford
  4. The World of Money examines how the economy, the rate of inflation, good and bad credit and how to borrow money wisely 
  5. Your Financial Goals shows how achievable our aspirations are; from a young adult on the road to independence to becoming your own financial adviser
  6. Money Around Us tackles FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), the dating game and how to keep a balanced relationship with your bank balance 
  7. Doing Good with your Money will show you how to help support your local economy.

Iona Bain grew up in Edinburgh and was working as a freelance musician and journalist when the UK recession hit her generation hard. Aged 23 (and with an Oxford music degree) she decided to start a blog about young people and money to provide solidarity for all those struggling with their finances. She has appeared on BBC Scotland, Radio 1, Channel 4 News and the Max Keiser Report to discuss the financial challenges facing Gen Y. Spare Change is her first book. 

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