“When the winds of change blow, some build walls, others build windmills”

Written by Rebecca O'Connor on 11th Feb 2016

The Social Impact Research Book from The Social Stock Exchange and All Street, the independent investment researcher.

What has Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver’s Travels, got to do with the modern social investment movement? 

This new report from the Social Stock Exchange and All Street gives the answer – a little history lesson in social impact investing – as well as independent analysis of firms listed on the Social Stock Exchange including Good Energy, Menhaden Capital and People Tree, as well as an overview of the impact investment market in the UK as a whole.

Peace-loving portfolios

There is growing demand from investors who want their money to have an impact that reaches beyond pure financial returns.

The next generation of investors want to show a degree of responsibility in how they invest, and the idea of impact – where there is a measurable social or environmental benefit, as well as a quest for profits – addresses this need. The amount of money invested in ethical funds hit a record high in 2015.

Tomás Carruthers, chief executive of the Social Stock Exchange, said: “The 2016 research book – our biggest to date – highlights the range and quality of investment opportunities that our member firms bring to the table.

The market’s reaction to impact investing in 2015 was nothing short of amazing, and I am absolutely convinced that our program for the year ahead will drive the popularity of impact investing to new heights.”

Emanuela Vartolomei, chief executive of All Street, said: “Today, we recognise that a company’s profit is inexorably tied to the prosperity of its customers, employees, communities and society as a 

Profitability and impact go hand in hand. We want to encourage financial investors to use different lenses when constructing their portfolios. We look forward to ever greater engagement in impact.”

Over the last 12 months, the number of Social Stock Exchange member firms has grown to 30 organisations worth more than £2 billion.

Download the research book: http://socialstockexchange.com/assets/2016-research-book.pdf

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