Charity Bank to launch #CharityIs campaign

Written by Rebecca O'Connor on 9th Mar 2016

How does charity benefit all of our lives? This is the central question that Charity Bank will ask as part of it’s week-long #CharityIs campaign, beginning on Monday.

Research commissioned for the campaign found that more than three quarters of people (78%) in the UK had used charity services in the last year, while more than half (51%) had volunteered for a charity.

Charity shops and cafes were found to be the most used charity services, followed by museums, theatres and galleries. One third (36%) of people had received support from a citizens’ advice law or advocacy charity, and 30% had adopted a pet from a charity. Nearly one fifth (18%) had received emotional support from a charity.

Peter Kelly, Charity Bank Business Development Director, said: “Charity means different things to different people:  an answer to loneliness, a second chance, an important part of society.

“What’s clear from the research is that charity is part of everyday life, but rarely do we hear these positive associations get told.

“Let’s share what charity really means for us as individuals and for our communities. We are privileged to see the amazing work our borrowers do to help create a better and fairer society. We want to help them, and the wider charity sector, tackle any misconceptions that exist by showing what #CharityIs.”

The #CharityIs campaign page gives details of how charities and the people they support can get involved to share their positive stories.

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