Positive ISAs – it’s possible

Written by Lisa Stanley Mann on 24th Mar 2016

Saving for your future while enriching the lives of others?

Saving for a place of your own while protecting the world we live in?

Saving for a rainy day while supporting the entrepreneurs of tomorrow?

Here’s a cute new film from ethical ISA provider Triodos Bank giving us the message that all of the above is more than possible if you save in an ISA with them.

Luckily there’s more to it than a marketing campaign. Triodos does walk the walk as well as talk the talk. As part of its campaign it conducted research among ISA investors that found 59 per cent would like their ISA investments to be used to fund something positive that is good for other people and the planet, as well as good for their pocket.

At a time when ethical investments are outperforming their non-ethical counterparts, AND there are new ESG ratings systems launched to help you work out which funds are truly sustainable, why not consider an ethical or sustainable option for this year’s ISA?

The Triodos research also found that 45 per cent of investors would move their money if they discovered it was invested in companies that did not match their values, and a further 25 per cent of investors are currently planning to dis-invest from sectors that don’t match their values.

Anyone wanting to save positively in a cash ISA could consider the Charity Bank ethical ISA offering 1 per cent with a 33 day notice period, the Triodos online cash ISA offering 1.25 per cent with a 33 day notice period or, for existing customers of the Ecology Building Society, the Foundations cash ISA. There are also good options at building societies and mutuals such as Nationwide, or other providers such as Virgin Money. 

For stocks and shares investors, John Ditchfield, at Castlefield, the ethical IFA, highlights three top ISA picks for profit-seekers with a conscience**:

  • Con Brio BEST Income Fund
  • WHEB Sustainability fund
  • Steward Investors’ (formerly First State) sustainability funds, particularly the Stewart Investors Global Emerging Markets fund

Triodos also offers two sustainable equity ISA options available within its Stocks and Shares ISA:

  • The Triodos Sustainable Equity Fund is a global fund investing in large listed sustainable equities, the companies selected for inclusion are ‘healthy’ companies delivering superior social and environmental performance. Risks diversified across sectors and continents.
  • The Triodos Sustainable Pioneer Fund focuses on innovative sustainable small and medium-sized companies.

So there you have it. Be positive. There’s no excuses.

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