Time to open an ISA, little one…

Written by Rebecca O'Connor on 6th Apr 2016

Some cute ISA deadline stories from Tilney Bestinvest caught our eye this morning.

They will either make you feel very organised, or very disorganised.

If you want to know where to put your ISA this year, take a look at our guide to  favicon GOOD ISA investing.

Last ISA 2015/16 received at 11:58pm, last SIPP at 11:54pm!

Jason Hollands, of TilneyBestinvest, writes: “The rise of online investing has certainly made beating the deadline a more simple affair than the old days of cheques, paper based application forms and the vagaries of the postal service, enabling investors to play Russian roulette with valuable ISA and pension allowances and go right to the wire. This year was no exception – investors may have 365 days to utilise their allowances (in non-leap years!), but the last investor through the Bestinvest Online Investment Service left it until 365 days, 23 hours and 58 minutes to do so – funding an ISA account at 11:58pm – just 2 minutes before the cut off for 2015/16!!! This investor took a passive investment appoach, spreading across four trackers.

The last SIPP contribution was received at 11:54pm.

The Early Bird Catches the Worm 

“While many people leave ISA and pension investing right up until the end of the tax year, a few take heed of the saying that “the early bird catches the worm” and decide to fund their ISA right at the start of the tax year. The first ISA account for 2016/17 was funded through our online service at 9:21am this morning.

Investing early gives you a year of extra potential returns. A really sensible way to invest and take some of the last minute drama out of the equation is to set up a monthly savings scheme.”

Our Youngest Client Ever – Less than 3 hours old!!

“Talking about being super organised in securing allowances, we were contacted by a client on the very last day of the tax year whose first grandchild was born at 4am on 5th April to find out about arranging for a 2015/16 Junior ISA to be opened for her. This was opened at 6.28, less than 3 hours after her birth and utilising a £4,080 allowance that would have disappeared at midnight!”

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