Ensure your kids aren’t poor with this guide

Written by Lisa Stanley Mann on 16th May 2016

Children are great but they are super expensive – as they get older, it just gets worse. If you have any spare cash, you might want to start putting something aside to pay for their nursery fees / endless plastic toys / football obsession / school fees / university costs. Or, if they are lucky: all of the above.

Grandparents might also want to start saving for grandchildren.

Or even better, you could get them into the savings habit themselves.

This new guide from online boutique ethical wealth manager EQ Investors is a comprehensive guide for anyone thinking about investing for children.

It covers all aspects of investing for children and has a list of potential product options  – and even little tricks such as setting up a bare trust and using grandparents’ pensions.

…If you’ve not got kids but haven’t really considered all the costs involved then Becky’s just written a great piece for the Spectator Money blog on the cost of pets versus children, which has some truly astonishing back-of-a fag-packet calculations.

You can download the EQ guide in full here.

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