Millennial? Find out where your money goes

Written by Rebecca O'Connor on 20th Sep 2016

As part of Good Money Week, The UK Sustainable Investment Forum will be holding Good Money Talks, where they will invite millennials (that’s those born between 1980 and 2000, roughly) to ask a range of financial institutions what they are doing with their money, whether that’s investing in fracking or supporting local businesses.

“This is a great opportunity to find out from your bank, pension fund, ISA provider or financial adviser how your money is impacting on society and the environment, and to ‘ask the industry’ for what it is you’d like to see the finance sector do better or more of,” says Ellie Stewart, of UKSIF.

The event is on October 24, from 2 til 5.30pm at the Livery Hall, Guildhall, in the City of London.

Good Money Week is the annual national event held to spread the message of responsible finance. This year’s Good Money Week will focus on millennials, and young people’s attitudes towards how their money is being invested.

Good Money Talks is a dynamic, interactive event to launch Good Money Week 2016, where we reveal everything we will be doing and saying during the Week itself.

If you are interested in registering for this event please email Ellie at

If you are interested in sitting on the millennial panel, please let us know what questions you would ask your bank and/or pension fund to find out how your money is being used.

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