Building blocks for new online mortgage finder

Written by Lisa Stanley Mann on 21st Sep 2016

The eternal search for the perfect home and stressful wait for a mortgage acceptance could now be made a bit easier with the launch of a new service from property website Zoopla and online mortgage broker Trussle.

The new partnership will offer house hunters on Zoopla the chance to get a mortgage in principle in as little as five minutes. By entering fairly basic details on income, outgoings and other personal circumstances, users of the service will then be given information on how much they could afford to borrow, what the monthly payments are likely to be, as well as the decision in principle.

Those house hunters can then indicate to estate agents on the Zoopla platform that they have the mortgage in principle in place, moving them further up the property search ladder.

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Lawrence Hall, spokesperson for Zoopla, says: “With over 90% of home hunters starting their search online, it makes complete sense for Zoopla to offers its users the Trussle service and give users the chance to secure a mortgage in principle online. For first-time buyers and home movers, being able to signal to estate agents that they are transaction ready and have a mortgage in principle is an extremely powerful position to be in ahead of making an offer on a property.”

Ishaan Malhi, founder and CEO of Trussle, says: “By harnessing the power of Trussle’s digital advice service, this partnership with Zoopla is finally solving the frustrations of homebuyers across the UK. Gone are the days when people have to jump through countless hoops before being able to put a serious offer on a house. Now, home hunters can find a property, and get the green light for finance, all in the same place. Not only does this make the process of buying a home refreshingly straightforward, but improves the buyer’s negotiating position as well, which could lead to significant financial savings.”

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