#Giveorgift – Ask your secret Santa to give to charity instead

Written by Rebecca O'Connor on 1st Dec 2016

Good With Money is part of a lovely network of money bloggers, called UK Money Bloggers.

This year, Andy Webb, the founder of the group, has set up a campaign to encourage all those employees who usually partake in the annual ritual of anonymously buying £10 presents for colleagues, also known as office “Secret Santa”, to ask their colleagues to donate the £10 that would be spent on a present to donate their £10 to charity instead.

It’s a really good idea, not least because the democratic £10 limit means that often, the present bought is of limited interest to the recipient, but could make a big difference elsewhere.

If your company chooses to take part, the money will go to six charities: The Trussell Trust (food poverty), Shelter (homelessness), Citizens Advice (money and legal help), Children in Need, Stand up to Cancer and DEC (humanitarian crisis).

You can find out more here, or simply forward the link to the person in HR who usually gets the Secret Santa thing going, and instead of feeling guilty about chucking something unwanted away, you’ll feel that bit more Christmassy instead. Ho ho ho!


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