Top five equity crowdfunds for impact

Written by Rosie Murray-West on 11th September 2017

Crowdfunding can be an exciting way to get involved with funding environmental businesses with the hope of getting something back. The following products offer equity stakes in early-stage businesses in return for cash.

It’s risky, of course, but there’s always the chance you’ll pick a winner for yourself and for the environment.

Fishy Filaments (Crowdcube)

With the aim of making UK fishery more sustainable, Fishy Filaments takes used fishing nets and transforms them into filament for 3D printers. The raw materials are available for free, which helps the bottom line, and the company was shortlisted for the Plastics Industry Award for Best Recycled Product 2017, featured on BBC Radio and on global 3D printing websites. This is an equity crowdfund of a 25 per cent stake in the business, with a pre-money valuation of £430,000.


Freshrange (Seedrs)

Freshrange calls itself a food technology business. Its platform allows customers to source direct, and to order, from local farmers, fishermen, makers and bakers with a consolidated delivery for retail and catering customers in the private and public sectors. It claims to cut out financially and environmentally expensive mass haulage and storage, while beleaguered producers can earn more too.

The company is offering an 8 per cent stake for £300,000.


Sono Motors (Seedrs)

German Sono Motors is aiming to enter the electric car market in Q3 2019 with an innovative electric car named SION, incorporates photovoltaic generators into the body of the car (“viSono”), has a range of 250 km and retails for 16k Euro. The company is offering a 1.65 per cent stake for EU1m.


York Cocoa House (Crowdcube)

The former home of Quaker-run Rowntree Mackintosh (now part of Cadbury), York Cocoa House is hoping to continue York’s association with ethical chocolatemaking with its ethical and sustainable chocolate offering. York Cocoa Works will be a Chocolate Production, Education and Development Centre in York, and promises to source will source sustainable and traceable fine cocoa.

The company offera 1 12.93 per cent stake for £250,000 and is now overfunding.


DRENL (Shadow Foundr)

DRENL (Distributed Renewable Energy Networks Ltd) is raising money for its first waste-to-energy project, Corby Renewable Energy (CRE). The company uses gasification and what it calls state-of-the-art materials sorting technology to turn waste into energy.

Drenl has secured commitments for £80m of the senior debt required for CRE and is now finalising the the rest through crowdfunding on Shadow Foundr. It’s targeting a £500,000 investment, and the company has a valuation of £59m.