Are you sitting on a Christmas present goldmine?

Written by Lisa Stanley Mann on 13th Nov 2017

Worried about how to pay for Christmas this year? Look no further than last year’s presents.

Thanks to the early gifts of increased interest rates and rising inflation, everyone’s budgets are a little tighter.

So if running out and buying more stuff-that-will-be-played-with-for-one-day seems a little inappropriate, it could be time to look with fresh eyes at what Santa delivered last year – and flog it. Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Lego could resell for £60. Or the Barbie three-storey dreamhouse could net £75.

Don’t restrict yourself to just the children’s old toys – how about your own gifts that got shoved in a cupboard in early January? For example, Iif you didn’t manage to stick to your ‘smoothie a day’ mantra, last year’s festering Nutribullet could resell for as much as £40. Similarly a Fitbit Charge 2 could generate £85.

Of course, if you are feeling charitable, don’t particularly need the extra cash, but would value a bit of extra space, then why not do an old toy offload at the local charity shop? You can help make someone else’s Christmas that little bit cheaper.

Darren Williams, of, which compiled these figures, said: “Every year we receive gifts at Christmas that are used a handful of times before being stored away in the attic, but if all they’re doing is collecting dust it’s time to sell them.

“We often think that as soon as a product becomes second hand that it loses most of its value, but if your Christmas presents from last year are still in good condition you’ll be surprised at how much money they could still be worth.

“There’s always value in any unwanted gifts that you no longer need, and considering the vast expense that Christmas brings, selling your unwanted gifts can provide a vital boost to your festive funds.”

Top toys you can re-sell this Christmas:

Present Used re-sale value
PlayStation VR £300
Fitbit Charge 2 £85
Nutribullet £40
Amazon Echo £99
Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Lego £60
Nerf mega mastodon Blaster £57
Captain America Civil war blaster shield £16
Barbie 3 Storey Dream Townhouse £75
Disney Frozen musical lights Elsa £25
Thomas and friends track master trainset £50
Hatchimals £35
Tiny Treasures baby doll £27
Nintendo switch £300

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