Money to-do list getting you down? Try these for size

Written by Rebecca O'Connor on 12th Jan 2018

If your New Year’s resolution list included a general “sort out finances” and your already losing the will to tackle it, hang on in there.

When it comes to motivation, we’ve found that choosing deals that have a positive impact on the world to boot can act as a much-needed extra incentive.

For instance, have a quick gander at Rosie Murray West’s green pension options for ways you can save for retirement without depriving your future grandkids of a planet worth growing old on.

If you’ve got some saving for other stuff to do in the meantime, like holidays or new houses and so forth, take a quick goose at the four top-paying ethical savings accounts. The rates won’t make your eyes pop, but then in these low interest rate days, they rarely do. At least choosing these options makes your money whiter than white, even if it’s not earning you a ton of interest.

Next, if borrowing to pay for some home improvements, or maybe a car, is on your list, check out this list of more responsible loan providers. The rates are pretty competitive, if not the very cheapest – but they also come with a glow of virtue (especially the credit unions idea).

Credit cards hardly lend themselves to righteousness, but they are also a fact of life. Nationwide and Co-op are on this list of plastic providers who like to do the right thing with customers’ money, too.

Home insurance, that tedious annual task, can be made so much more enlightening if you pick an insurer that does its bit, like one of these. Same goes for car insurance – all much of a muchness if you are scrolling down the Moneysupermarket picks, but just ever so slightly more rewarding if you pick one of these purer providers instead.

Need a new mortgage this year? Here are four lenders that give more than two hoots about society and the environment.

And if you are looking for a cheaper energy tariff that refuses dirty fossil fuels and favours renewable sources, look no further than our top pick of green providers.

If you’ve got some big decisions to make with lump sums, chances are you’ll need a financial adviser. Pick one from this expert lot and you’ll also be given sustainable options for your investments.

For general hints on funds to pick for greener ISAs and SIPPs, you don’t need to go further than this guide to impact investing, from 3D Investing and Good With Money.

Companies that have received a Good Egg from us are also worthy recipients of your hard-earned dosh. Find out more about them here.

Finally, check out our directory, for those financial providers who are interested in their impact, as well as their profit margins.


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