Abundance and EQ Investors Good Eggs for second year running

Written by Rebecca O'Connor on 11th Jul 2018

Abundance Investment and EQ Investors have received the Good Egg mark for responsible financial services companies for the second year running.

The two investment platforms were the first to receive the Good Egg mark when it launched in May last year and have been successfully re-assessed by Ethical Screening, the ethical research specialist, on behalf of Good With Money, which runs the Good Egg scheme.

Increasingly, investors want their money to back ethical businesses and projects that provide both social and environmental benefits.

Abundance makes renewable energy and affordable housing projects available to retail investors, offering both tax-free Innovative Finance ISAs and SIPPs.

EQ Investors offers Positive Impact Portfolios, for which it says it is seeing “rising demand”, from both IFAs and direct retail investors who want to make a profit from companies that make a positive difference.

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