Top 5 ethical and eco-friendly home insurers for 2019

Written by Rosie Murray-West on 12th Dec 2018

Last updated 12 December 2018

If you’ve gone the extra mile to make your home ‘eco friendly’, be it by fitting the best possible insulation to switching to a renewable energy provider to installing your own solar panels, it makes sense to make sure that your insurance provider agrees with your ethics.

Things to consider when looking for a more responsible insurer include whether the company has an ethical investment policy, its environmental stance and legal structure (for tax avoidance). To get you started we’ve pulled together a list of five of the most ethical insurers on the market, including those that have a specific focus on ‘eco homes’.

Ecclesiastical Group

Ecclesiastical is one of the UK’s original ethical financiers and – along with Co-Op Group (see below) – tops Ethical Consumer’s ‘Best Buy’ list for home insurance. The firm scores highly on a number of fronts, from its transparent and ethical investment policy to its company ethos. It also took first place for customer experience at the Autumn 2018 Fairer Finance awards.


With 10 per cent of the premium you pay going towards environmental projects and discounts for energy efficiency, Naturesave certainly wears its eco credentials on its sleeve. It also provides cover for all types of buildings, including self-build and eco homes, which is useful if you have a non-standard property. Renewable energy systems are covered as standard.


The Environmental Transport Association, or ETA, has been named the UK’s most ethical insurer (with Naturesave) by the Good Shopping Guide since 2015. As it’s name would suggest, the company’s major focus is on transport insurance (including cycling) and 10 per cent of its premiums help to support a campaign for sustainable transport. It does, however, also offer home policies.

Co-op Insurance

Not to be confused with the Co-operative Bank, Co-op Insurance is part of Co-op Group, one of the world’s largest consumer co-ops, owned by millions of members. The group has a robust ethical policy and transparent pricing (there’s an interesting infographic here). It is also currently offering a free indoor security camera if you buy home insurance, and 20 per cent off if you buy online.


The world’s first carbon-neutral insurance broker can fix you up with a specialist home insurance facility  to accommodate non-standard construction, self-build projects and properties being converted or requiring restoration, including eco homes. It offers discounts of up to 10 per cent for energy efficiency – the higher the standard, the greater the discount.

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