Refillable cosmetics: top 5 zero waste beauty brands 

Written by Lori Campbell on 17th Jul 2019

While cosmetic brands are increasingly offering products made from safe, non-toxic ingredients, it can be much more difficult to find these ‘cleaner’ options wrapped in eco-friendly packaging – or better still, in none at all.

With 120 billion units of plastic produced globally by the cosmetics and beauty industry alone every year, innovative British brands are proving that it IS possible to make high quality, eco-friendly products with ZERO waste.

Here’s our top five:

1. Suneeta London

Launched in 2016, Suneeta London is a small, family-run business selling handmade skincare products that are completely natural, vegan and chemical-free. The range includes deodorants, lip balms, soaps and shampoo bars.

Recipes are based on the ancient philosophy of Ayurveda, which is renowned for enhancing physically and mental wellbeing, along with an added original twist. Products are completely plastic-free, coming either unpackaged (simply bring a container to be filled) or with glass or biodegradable packaging.

Suneeta Cosmetics has a ‘zero-waste’ shop in Brixton market with pop-up shops across London, and an online store.


2. All Good Things

All Good Things offers eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products. The range includes plastic-free toothpaste, mouthwash and floss, soap and shampoo bars, natural fibre sponges and loofas, safety razors that last a lifetime, and reusable cleaning products.

Products are zero waste (if you bring a refillable container) or come with environmentally-friendly packaging.

All Good Things opened its first store in April 2019 at Shedfield Equestrian Centre in Wickham, Hampshire.  It also has an online store for delivery across the UK.

Owner Nina Goodall said: “In June, we sold 321 refills. That’s 321 plastic bottles of shampoo, body wash and detergent NOT bought from the supermarket and 321 old bottles refilled instead.” She said sales have spiked even further for the first half of July.


3. Angel Face Mineral Cosmetics

Angel Face Mineral Cosmetics was created by professional make-up artist Julie Wiezcorek and natural skincare creator Guy Hanson after they discovered a lack of natural cosmetic products available in the UK. The pair combined their expertise to create a range of mineral-based makeup that is gentle and durable, as well as eco-friendly.

All Angel Face products are available in plastic-free and biodegradable refills, making it easier to create a zero waste make-up routine.


4. Weigh To Go

Weigh To Go was borne out of frustration at the difficulty of living a plastic-free, sustainable lifestyle.

The first shop opened on Leith Walk in Edinburgh earlier this year, offering a more convenient solution to sustainable living. Take a refillable container and you can stock up on locally-sourced household goods and toiletries with zero waste. The range includes mouthwash tablets, toothpaste tablets with fluoride, dental floss in refillable glass vials, and shampoo and conditioner bars.


5. Buff Natural Bodycare

Devon-based beauty brand Buff creates contemporary, zero waste beauty products using non-toxic and cruelty-free ingredients. Founded by aromatherapist Jo Woolvett, Buff sells body care products made from pure essential oils.

They’re sold in jars that are 100 per cent recyclable and 99 per cent plastic-free. Buff donates a percentage of every sale to the Marine Conservation Society and Surfers Against Sewage to help protect our oceans from plastic waste.



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