Written by Rebecca O'Connor on 20th Sep 2019

Dear Good With Money readers, please join us, school children and protesters around the world in highlighting the scale of the challenge we all face and what it means to us. To big banks, investors and governments everywhere, this is not a fad or a trend, it’s our futures and we care where our money goes. Love, the good money girls.

Make this the day you back the climate with your money. Check our directory for places to put your money that help not harm the most important thing we have: our world. Use the Good Egg providers for banking, savings and investments that have a positive impact.

Your money is your power. All the recycling in the world won’t make up for a pension pot invested in fossil fuels. Read the Good Guide to Pensions for more on how to move your life savings to a more sustainable home. Got some cash to invest? Make it impactful – here’s our Guide to Impact Investing.

.. And read more about climate action day here.


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