Top 8 apps to help you save money on your utility bills

Written by Yossy Akinsanya on 21st Apr 2020

With Brits being urged to stay at home during the coronavirus lockdown, increased energy usage means that utility bills are rising for many. Some energy companies have also recently hiked up their prices.

However, there are apps out there that can help you find the cheapest deals and save money on your bills.

Here, Yossy Akinsanya of Save On Energy – which helps you find the best energy best rates for your postcode – round up the top eight money-saving apps.

1. Energy Cost Calculator

If you’re someone who feels as if they can’t live without their luxury appliances, the Energy Cost Calculator app is for you! This app lets iOS users know how much appliances cost over  time – as well as letting you know how much you could save by using less. The app can also calculate how much specific appliances will cost you per week, month and even year! A similar alternative for Android users is Energy Consumption Analyzer.

2. Bill Assistant

Keeping track of the money going in and out of your bank account can be a headache, but that’s where Bill Assistant comes in handy! If you’re someone who needs help keeping organised when paying bills, then this app will help you  pay on time and save you from late fees.

3. Splitwise

Many people in lockdown are living in shared housing and it can be difficult keeping track of who needs to pay what. This can often lead to arguments and tension, but Splitwise can help avoid this by helping you keep track of how much each person owes on the bills.

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4. Joulebug

Downloading JouleBug is a great way of making saving energy more fun for yourself. On this app you can work on building green habits and get rewarded for it. As you make greener choices, you earn badges and can even share your achievements on social media. You can share inspiration with other members of the community as well as reading energy-saving stories from others.

5. WhatGas

WhatGas allows you to check how much petrol stations near you are charging per litre before you even step out the door. Not only does this app help people get the best rates on petrol, it also saves them from doing multiple journeys to find the best rate.

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6. Green Quiz

Put your knowledge of green energy and resources to the test with the help of Green Quiz. You can increase your knowledge about green living with this Android app. Not only does it provide users with the chance to learn but it gives them energy saving ideas and advice on becoming more eco-friendly.

7. Eco charger

Charging your phone overnight is something many of us are guilty of, but it wastes electricity and can ruin your phone battery. Eco charger helps keep your charging to a minimum by alerting you with an alarm when your battery is fully charged.

8. My Earth

The My Earth app features day-to-day activities to help measure how environmentally-friendly you are. This can be activities as simple as recycling to replacing your appliances with more energy efficient ones. The app also has a diary feature for users to keep track and check off their daily activities, allowing them to see the progress they’re making over time.

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