Top 3 eco-friendly car insurers for 2021

Written by Lori Campbell on 22nd Dec 2020

Not all ethical insurance providers choose to offer car insurance, but those that do may offer extras such as carbon offsetting or the peace of mind that they aren’t investing your insurance premiums in industries that don’t protect the planet.

Here are some good choices:

The Co-operative Insurance

Formerly CIS, the insurance arm of the Co-operative operates in the same sustainable manner as the rest of the group, including ethically screening funds.

The Co-op’s ‘Ecoinsurance’ is the UK’s first car insurance policy to include carbon offsetting as part of the cover. You have the option to offset 10 per cent of your car’s CO2 emissions by investing in projects that reduce rainforest deforestation in Sierra Leone, provide clean drinking water in Kenya, and provide energy-efficient stoves in India and Kenya.

If you have an accident, the Co-op works with repairers who use recycled parts where possible.

Evergreen Insurance Services

This environmentally-friendly broker will shop around for your car insurance and donates a percentage of the commission it receives from the insurer to a wildlife or nature charity. The charities spend the money in different ways; rehabilitation of animals, educating people, reducing waste and creating environments for nature to thrive. Donations increase the longer you stay with Evergreen – going from 10 per cent in year one to 25 per cent in year three onwards.

As well as car insurance it also offers home, pet, life and gadget policies, and even offers commercial cover for fleets, shops and tradesmen.


Founded in 2006, Pluginsure was the UK’s first-ever website dedicated to insuring electric cars, vans and trucks. It now offers an electric car insurance scheme with leading UK insurer Ageas. Cover is comprehensive and if you have five years worth of No Claims Bonus or more, Pluginsure will automatically protect it.

Policies also include insurance for your car’s battery. The firm covers more than 30 makes of electric car and quotes are available by phone on 0330 043 1962. PlugInsure is most competitive for drivers aged over 30, who have accumulated several years of No Claims Bonus and live outside of London.

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