Top 7 vegan subscription boxes

Written by Lori Campbell on 19th Jan 2021

As lockdown 3.0 keeps us at home once again, subscription boxes delivered straight to your front door are a handy way to try out and stick to a healthier, more eco-friendly lifestyle for 2021.
And with Veganuary – which encourages people to cut out meat and dairy for January – seeing a record 500,000 sign-ups this year, ordering a vegan box means you can opt for plant-based products without putting in any work. It isn’t just your own health you’ll be helping, as studies have found that going vegan can cut an individual’s carbon footprint from food by up to 73 per cent.
From super healthy frozen ready meals to snacks, sweet treats and beauty products, here are our top 7 vegan subscription boxes:

Readymade meals: Vibrant Vegan

Vibrant Vegan offers quick and easy vegan meals, handmade by in-house chefs in London and then ‘blast frozen’ to keep them tasty and fresh. You can heat the meals in the microwave in as little as eight minutes, or pop them in the oven. The perfectly prepared portions also means less food waste.

The meal trays are made from 95 per cent sustainable recyclable paper materials and the sleeves are fully recyclable. You can also return the outer packaging used to deliver your meals, for free, so it can be used again and again. Vibrant Vegan’s delivery partners operate a carbon neutral service, meaning your box arrives with a net zero impact on the planet. A percentage of the profit from your box is donated to the charity War Child.

Try a Chiang Mai-style red curry, packed with flavour and spices to blow away the January blues, or feel transported to southern India with the Keralan Kokonut Curry – no international travel necessary.

Each dish coss £6 for one serving, but £5 per serving if you’re splitting it with someone else.

Recipe boxes: Mindful Chef

Mindful Chef was the first recipe box in the UK to cater for vegans, and you’d be hard pressed to find another which offers as much plant-based choice. It is also the UK’s favourite healthy recipe box service, according to Trustpilot. As an official partner to Veganuary, Mindful Chef is currently offering 15 fully vegan recipe options across its menu each week.

There’s no commitments, no contract and you can cancel or pause anytime, plus all the meat is top quality; think 100 per cent grass-fed beef, free-range chicken and UK-landed fresh fish. It caters for everyone with one-person, two-person and family meals. As well as vegan, there’s gluten-free, dairy-free, flexitarian, vegetarian and pescatarian diets available.

For every fresh or frozen meal sold, Mindful Chef donates one school meal to a child living in poverty through the One Feeds Two charity.

Sweet treats: A Kind Mama

When it comes to indulgent treats, some might think that going vegan means going without. A Kind Mama will keep your sweet tooth satisfied, with homemade doughnuts, cakes, brownies and baking kits on a six, 12 or 18 month subscription.

Based near Manchester, the founder and chef Eve has filled the void of delicious vegan cakes that are entirely free from eggs and dairy. All items are sent via Royal Mail first class post (prices on the website include postage). While one-off orders are limited during the current lockdown, subscription boxes can still be fulfilled.


Snacks and drinks: Lifebox

Boost your energy between means with a handpicked selection of vegan snacks, drinks, supplements and gifts from Lifebox. All products are vegan, gluten and dairy-free and are delivered for free through a monthly, three, six or 12 month subscription. You can cancel at any time and subscriptions don’t renew automatically.


Beauty products: The Natural Beauty Box

When it comes to going vegan, it’s food that first comes to mind, but animal products can be found in a whole host of everyday items, including skincare and makeup brands.

The Natural Beauty Box sources natural, vegan and cruelty-free skincare and beauty products from ethical and British artisans. It creates a different box each month themed around changing seasons and your skin’s needs, sent to you in eco-friendly packaging.

Free from harsh chemicals, known skin irritants and cheap fillers ingredients, it’s a ‘feel good, do good’ beauty box, from £23. You can also order a one-off box if you don’t want to commit to a subscription.


Wellness: Natural Wellness Box

If you struggle to make time for self-care and your general wellbeing, let alone adding vegan into the mix, the Natural Wellness Box has you covered.

Give yourself the ultimate self care experience (without having to visit a spa), with a box full of natural, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free health, beauty and wellness products delivered straight to your door, from £38.

There are also gift options if you’d like to treat someone you care about.


Cheeses: The vegan cheese collection taster box

If there’s one thing most people see as a barrier to making full-time veganism a success, it’s cheese. If that’s true for you, this box could be just what you need. You’ll get a selection of four “cheeses” made using ethically-sourced, organic almonds and cashew nuts.

Create your own cheese board or add the products to your cooking such as pastas and pizzas. The products will last for 10 days if kept in the fridge. A box costs £29.99 plus postage at £5.35.

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