Ethex and Energise Africa hit £100 million milestone

Written by Lori Campbell on 16th Feb 2021

Sustainable investment platform Ethex and its sister company Energise Africa have hit the major milestone of £100 million raised for good.

Good Egg company Ethex is celebrating with a new ‘investor-focused’ brand and website that makes it easy for anyone to invest to make a positive difference to people and the planet as well as their own financial future.

Ethex CEO Lisa Ashford said: “I’ve been lucky enough to hold the role of CEO at Ethex since 2014 and I’ve always been extremely proud to lead a truly innovative organisation with strong values, goals and a passionate and dedicated team. In the years that have passed, we’ve been on quite a journey and today, I’m excited to be announcing a new chapter for Ethex that reflects our vision for the future.

“2020 was a successful year with strong growth in new investors and investments placed and we announced the amazing milestone of £100 million raised between us and our sister platform, Energise Africa to do good. And that has created a whole lot of good!”

Together, Ethex and Energise Africa have a growing community of around 20,000 committed investors who have helped more than 200 organisations raise the finance they needed to grow and bring about positive social and environmental change.

A positive beginning

Founded in 2013, Ethex was borne out of frustration at the lack of availability of positive investment options. At that time, the ethical investment sector was still fairly niche.

Lisa said: “In recent years, we’ve been heartened to see positive investing move to the mainstream as more people become aware of the power of their money to do good. When Ethex conducted research in 2017, more than 50 per cent of people said they were interested in positive investing.

“As the ethical investment market place has evolved, so has Ethex and we’ve grown to be one of the biggest positive investing platforms in the UK while retaining our core values of helping everyday people use their money to fund pioneering grassroots organisations that are making a positive impact.”

A new brand

To reflect its growth from a niche platform to a leading player in the ethical investment market, Ethex has refreshed its brand and website. “We needed to develop a brand that simplifies the customer experience, removing the barriers to positive investing and appeals to a wide audience of potential positive investors,” said Lisa.

The new brand reflects the pioneering nature of Ethex with the strapline “Ethical, Extraordinary Investments”. At the centre of the new website is ‘Bucky’, a new playful and energetic brand mascot. Lisa said: “He represents the human, approachable face of Ethex. We’re not a faceless, corporate investment company, we’re human and we care about people and the planet, so Bucky will appear throughout our communications to reflect this.”

Ethex has also been busy developing a new and improved website, which is designed to be simplified and more straightforward. The aim is for people, who may not have any experience of investing, to easily find all the information they need about positive investing.

Lisa said: “We’re really excited about revealing the new look Ethex to the world and we’re positive it will help us to reach even more people who want to use their money to do good and support impactful businesses. We know that collectively, we can continue to make a real positive impact!”

Watch this video to find out more about Ethex’s values:

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