A Good Egg: Bluesphere Wealth

Written by Lori Campbell on 4th Oct 2021

To celebrate Good Money Week – which helps you find sustainable and ethical options for banking, pensions, savings and investments – we’re showcasing our ‘Good Egg’ companies. These are financial providers that can PROVE they make a positive difference to the planet and society, as well as their customers. Here we look at Bluesphere Wealth.

Bluesphere Wealth is a certified financial advisor. Founded in 2019 in an effort to help tackle some of the challenges our planet faces, it is committed to helping its clients match their investments with their values alongside aiming for a competitive financial return.

All investments made through BlueSphere are put into companies that are working hard to help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Companies in its investment portfolios include electric car maker Tesla, green energy provider Ørsted and Kingspan, which produces innovative insulation technology.


What can you get from Bluesphere Wealth?


Invest in a new sustainable pension and/or consolidate any existing pensions including self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs), personal pensions and defined contribution schemes from your employer.


Open a new ISA and/or transfer your existing ISAs including Junior ISAs.

Investment trusts

Open a variety of different trusts or get help making your existing trust greener.

What about returns?

Bluesphere Wealth says it’s a common misunderstanding that by investing in-line with your values you therefore have to give up on some financial performance.

The chart below shows the financial returns of Bluesphere’s sustainable impact portfolios across three risk categories for the past four years against their benchmark and the FTSE100.

Whilst past performance is no guide to the future, what this chart shows is that you can earn financial return AND create a positive impact on the planet.

See why Bluesphere is a Good Egg – read the full report here

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