The Good ISA Guide 2022

Written by Lori Campbell on 22nd Mar 2022

Make your ISA Good – a #NicerISA 

Are there things you want to help change about the world – such as climate change, biodiversity loss, the plastic problem, poverty or gender inequality – but don’t know how? 

Where you spend and save your money can make a big difference, but it’s where you invest it that can literally change the world. 

Today we launch our first Good ISA Guide, to show you how to choose an ISA that matches your values – one that makes a tangible positive difference to the planet and its people as well as your own financial future.

Through a Stocks and Shares ISA, you can put your money into responsible funds that are making a positive environmental and social impact. And with an Innovative Finance ISA, you can invest directly in pioneering projects that interest you.

The best sustainable ISAs go far beyond simply avoiding investing in destructive industries such as fossil fuels, arms and tobacco. They put your money to work with companies and organisations that are striving to solve the world’s most urgent issues. So, once you’ve decided you want a #NicerISA, where do you start?

Sponsored by Ethex, Liontrust, The Big Exchange and Path Financial, The Good ISA Guide 2022 covers:

  • How to separate the Good From the Greenwash. Good Money Girl reveals the 7 easy steps to a #NicerISA.
  • Lisa Ashford, CEO of Ethex explains how tax-efficient ISAs can help us achieve net zero.
  • Mike Appleby, investment manager at Liontrust, looks back on what was achieved at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow and goals for COP27.
  • Jill Jackson, CEO of The Big Exchange, shows you how to make a positive impact on the planet and people with your ISA.
  • David MacDonald, Founder of Path Financial, explains how to use your ISA investments to help shape the world you want to see.

This ISA season, whether you are aiming to invest your full £20,000 allowance or just to get started with small monthly contributions, make it a #NicerISA. Remember, you can also transfer any existing ISAs you have to one that matches your values.

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