Donations doubled for World Earth Day

Written by Lori Campbell on 22nd Apr 2022

To celebrate World Earth Day 2022 your donations to some amazing environmental charities are being DOUBLED by the Green Match Fund.

One donation – twice the impact

Good With Money ‘Good Egg’ firm EQ Investors is a ‘Pine Champion’ for this year’s Green Match Fund, which is organised by The Big Give. For one week – from April 22 to 29 – all donations to charities supported by the fund will be doubled.

EQ Investors, a certified B Corp company, is providing match funding for:

  • Action for Conservation educates school children about environmental issues and is seeking funding for its Youth Environment ambassador Programme.
  • Blue Marine Foundation is at the forefront of initiatives to restores the oceans to health and will be raising funds. They are raising funds for their project in the Solent to help restore seagrass, saltmarsh and oysters in this environment.
  • Hubbub Foundation will be raising funds for Food Connect – a zero carbon food distribution service in Southwark & Milton Keynes.
  • Rainforest Trust UK is aiming to protect 80,000 acres of swamp forest in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Donations to this fund will actually be quadrupled, due to the generosity of another RFT supporter!
  • Solar Aid helps to establish enduring distribution of solar powered lights for people in Africa, helping to transform quality of life and reduce carbon emissions.
  • The Sustainable Food Trust is raising awareness and improving understanding amongst the public, food producers and key influencers, about the central components of sustainable, healthy food systems and diets, so that more informed choices can be made about what to eat and how to farm.

The Green Match Fund

What is it?

The Green Match Fund is a match funding campaign for charities that are working on environmental issues as part of their core mission. All public donations made to participating charities via the during the week of the campaign will be matched up to a specific amount.

Climate Action portfolios

The match funding campaign comes as EQ Investors launches a new Climate Action portfolio range to enable investors to tackle climate change and support the transition to a green economy.

The EQ Climate Action portfolios will focus on companies that have best-in-class climate risk management policies, provide exposure to green projects, and use climate-focused engagement practices to push for change in climate laggards. They will not invest in the worst offending companies such as fossil fuel extractors.

Sophie Kennedy, Joint CEO & Head of Investing, said: “Climate change has become an investment consideration impossible to ignore, as related disasters and economic losses grow, and regulators increasingly recognise it as a systemic financial risk.

“Using our in-house expertise across sustainable investing, we have developed this globally diversified portfolio range. As one of the early pioneers in this field, we are extremely excited by this new strategy as we add to our suite of sustainable portfolios.”

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