The Good Guide to Going Green at Home

Written by Lisa Stanley Mann on 28th Sep 2022

Only a few months ago, going green at home seemed a very nice idea indeed. Many of us had become used to a WFH set up, and interest in making our home environments as comfortable as possible had never been greater.

Then Russia invaded Ukraine, gas and energy prices shot up – along with the price of everything else – and rather than comfort, cost has become the driving motivation behind every part of our lives.

As we come to the end of a British summer like never before, with thermostat-breaking days, widespread drought, fires, soaring food costs and sky high energy bills looming large in everyone’s thoughts, it’s time to turn to our homes once again, lest they become a freezing prison for us this winter.

The good news is that applying money-saving principles in our home lives can also help to mitigate climate change. A win for your pocket and a win for the planet.

Our new Good Guide to Going Green at Home provides a one-stop-shop summary on the individual steps we can take to save money at home while helping save the planet.

Featuring an article from sponsor, pioneering ethical property lender Ecology Building Society, the Guide also covers:

  • How to save money on your home heating and water heating bills
  • Renewable energy options
  • How to reduce home energy usage and reduce heat loss at home
  • Other ways to go green at home including your finances

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