Top 3 eco-friendly car insurers in 2024

Written by Lori Campbell on 27th Jun 2024

Not all ethical insurance providers choose to offer car insurance, but those that do may offer extras such as charitable donations or the peace of mind that they aren’t investing your insurance premiums in industries that harm the planet.

Here are some good choices:

Evergreen Insurance Services

In the world of insurance, which is traditionally driven by profit, Evergreen Insurance is a broker with a difference. It will shop around to get you a good deal on your car insurance, then donate a portion of its commission (up to 25 per cent, depending on how long you’ve been with them) to a wildlife or nature charity. The donation doesn’t cost you anything extra.

The charities spend the money in different ways; rehabilitation of animals, educating people, reducing waste and creating environments for nature to thrive. You can choose where you want your money to go from a panel of 25 organisations, and even nominate a charity you care about to join the list. See some examples of where the money goes here.

Evergreen even offers commercial cover for fleets, charities, shops and tradesmen, as well as cover for young and learner drivers.

It also offers travel, home, pet, life and gadget insurance policies.


Founded in 2006, Pluginsure was the UK’s first-ever website dedicated to insuring electric cars, vans and trucks.

Policies include insurance for your car’s battery. The firm covers more than 30 makes of electric car and quotes are available by phone on 0330 043 1962. PlugInsure is most competitive for drivers aged over 30, who have accumulated several years of No Claims Bonus and live outside of London. It admits it cannot offer the lowest rates on the market for insuring a Tesla.

Pluginsure is a broker using a panel of insurers, so it’s worth also checking the ethical credentials of the company recommended to you for your policy.

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Aviva still has a way to go on its environmental performance, but it has made huge improvements that are worth commending.

The company’s thorough Sustainability Report lists its objectives for reducing its environmental impact, including a bold target to become net zero across its entire business by 2040. It actively engages with big carbon emitters in the oil and gas, metals and mining, and utilities sectors to drive change, and has divested from all companies that more more than five per cent of their revenue coal. In 2022, Aviva launched a campaign for the UK to be the most climate-ready large economy in the world by 2030.

Aviva is transparent about its tax conduct – a rare entity in the insurance industry – and does not make political donations. The company has achieved ‘ethical accreditation’ from the Good Shopping Guide.

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