Edit: In July 2023, GOODFOLIO announced it was closing its investment platform and all existing accounts. 

GOODFOLIO is a new investment platform that aims to make it more straightforward to invest in line with your values, in a transparent and low cost way.

The platform offers a wide range of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that have been screened and categorised into themes such as Climate Solutions, Gender Equality, Water and Bio Revolution.

We like how GOODFOLIO displays detailed financial AND impact information for its funds. For each ETF, you can see its full holdings (so you know exactly what you’re investing in), environmental footprint, alignment with the UN SDGs, and – importantly – the asset managers’ voting records for environmental and social issues in underlying companies.

GOODFOLIO currently offers only ETFs, which are a passive way of investing (i.e. the money goes into a basket of companies and the asset manager keeps watch). This is an easy and low-cost way to invest, but not generally as impactful as sustainable funds with managers that actively pick out the right companies. The platform does plan to add actively-managed funds to its offering in the future.

Find out more about GOODFOLIO in our full review.


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