PensionBee* was founded just two years ago and has already 25,000 sign ups and 36,000 Facebook likes – not a measure of success for a business, you might think, but for a pension business to be this popular is really saying something.

It launched the Future World option for customers in October 2017 – this fund has a “climate tilt” meaning it avoids investing in companies that have a damaging impact on the environment.

It’s a pension consolidation service, essentially, but it makes it super easy and super cheap to find all your old workplace pensions and bring them together into one, low-fee platform.

The low fee bit, achieved through technology and investing people’s money into low cost index trackers from State Street and BlackRock, can save you thousands of pounds on your pension over the life of term.

PensionBee is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and rates 9.3 out of 10 on Trustpilot.

*Good With Money is paid for new customers it refers to PensionBee.

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