WHEB Group

WHEB (don’t ask us what it stands for) is a specialist investor focused on “the opportunities created by the global transition to more sustainable, resource efficient and energy efficient economies.”

It is independent and owner-managed. It also just became a B corps (not many of those about in the City).

Its focus is “to create long-term value for our investors through a small number of high conviction products.”

High conviction: good phrase.

The WHEB Sustainability Fund is listed, which means you can buy and sell shares in the fund, and offers the following characteristics:

  • Multi-thematic, global listed equity
  • Invests exclusively in companies providing solutions to sustainability challenges
  • Diversified universe of investment opportunities
  • Footprint is active, mid-cap and unconstrained
  • Targets strong long-term growth and risk-adjusted returns
  • Investment style is ‘growth at the right price’ (GARP)

This is what Morningstar, the trading platform, has to say about WHEB: “We have a high opinion of the management team now in place at WHEB and their ability to use global sustainability themes to underpin an attractive global equity portfolio. “

WHEB Group Products

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