Smug Money Podcast #8: Decarbonisation nation

Written by Rebecca Jones on 8th Jul 2019

Welcome to Good With Money’s Smug Money Podcast Series: a podcast designed to give you the inside track on the most exciting developments and opportunities in the sustainable money world, as well as top savings and investment tips.

In this episode, we speak to Seb Beloe, partner at WHEB Asset Management, who tells us about how he and his team have been working to even further decarbonise the WHEB Sustainability fund, despite its investments in energy saving companies and technologies already taking hundreds of tonnes of Co2 out of the atmosphere every year.

Seb also gives a rallying cry to the investment industry, calling on money managers to do much, much more to help mitigate climate change.


But remember, none of what you will hear constitutes financial advice and if you invest on the basis of this podcast, you do so at your own risk. Past performance is not a guide to future performance, and you could lose all your capital.

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