Ecology Cash ISA

Updated April 2020

Why Ecology?

Ecology uses capital from savings balances to fund its green mortgages. Savers are rewarded for through competitive interest rates.

Due to its size and scale, not all of Ecology’s savings accounts are always open for new applications, however the firm works hard to open them up as and when it can.

Ecology is a Good Egg mark company.

The Ecology Cash ISA is currently open for applications.


  • Variable interest rate of 0.45% gross* p.a./AER**
  • Minimum amount  £25
  • Interest can be paid away or compounded
  • Can only be opened via post
  • Can be operated via internet and post
  • We do not accept transfers-in

Other accounts for new customers include:

  • Easy Access Saver, which pays 0.20 per cent APR with a minimum investment of £25 and maximum of £125,000
  • the Regular Saver, which pays 1.10 per cent gross APR and allows savers to deposit between £25 and £250 per month with up to two withdrawals per year and a maximum deposit of £3,000 a year.

(All rates are correct as at September 2020)

See Ecology’s savings account webpage for more.


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