Naturesave green and ethical insurance

Naturesave was established around 20 years ago to provide ethical insurance to people and businesses and was awarded the Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development in 2011. It is regulated and offers home, travel and commercial insurance. Customers with eco-homes in particular might benefit from some of its policy terms – the company insures solar panels on domestic roofs as standard.

You won’t find it on price comparison sites – it is a direct-only business.

On premiums, Naturesave says it “isn’t the most expensive, but probably not the cheapest either. But our customers get the benefit of a tailored policy with exceptional customer service over the long term.”

Here’s a bit we like from its “About Us” page:

“Naturesave is ethical in that it offers is a good service for what is a necessary part of everyday life, together with contributions to specific environmental and conservationist projects, free Environmental Performance Reviews (EPR) for SME clients and lobbying within the insurance industry.

On the wider stage Naturesave is striving to change the way the insurance industry works – currently by “mopping up” the effects of accidents, some of which are undoubtedly due to human-induced climate change.  Naturesave’s primary objective is to use the insurance industry as a vehicle for sustainable development.”

We’d love it if it did car insurance too, but understand that its a tricky thing to offer when you are a small insurer.

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