Thrive Renewables Shares

Thrive Renewables PLC is a public company, formerly known as Triodos Renewables, until May 2016. It is the most widely owned renewable energy company in the UK with a community of over 5,500 shareholders.

The company was first established by Triodos Bank in 1994 as The Wind Fund plc. This was a response to the Chernobyl disaster and recognition of wide public interest in such a vehicle focused on renewable energy. In 2004, it became Triodos Renewable Energy Fund, which changed to Triodos Renewables plc in 2009. In 2016, we became independent of Triodos Bank, and rebranded the company as Thrive Renewables.

The company has┬ámore than 20 years’ investment experience in renewable energy projects and a portfolio of 15 renewable energy projects in the wind and hydro-electric sectors. Its sites produce enough green electricity to power more than 40,000 UK homes each year.

You can buy shares the next time the company launches a share issue, or through its monthly matched bargain auction. More details here.

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