£25,000 needed to make this important cookbook a reality

Written by Rebecca O'Connor on 16th May 2018

This is an open letter from Pippa Kent, creator of the Now What Can I Eat? cookbook for immune-suppressed and post-operative people.

We published details of the donations-based crowdfund, on Kickstarter when it launched six weeks’ ago and would like to help Pippa reach her target by Sunday, May 20.

Dear UK business’s and decision makers within them,

I know it’s mental health awareness week but for my benefit could you for just a couple of minutes focus on the physical. I am appealing for urgent help to create

‘Now What Can I Eat? The Cookbook’

Did you know that there are many thousands of people in the UK who’s diets are drastically effected due to immune suppression? People undergoing treatment for Cancer, those with Rheumatoid Arthritic is, Crohns or any other auto immune disease as well as everyone who has had transplant surgery.

These people are often going through tough times, they have a lot on their (metaphorical) plates already yet they also have to watch everything they eat; no rare meat, runny eggs, blue cheese, unpasteurised products, deli counter purchases to name just a few examples as well as having to follow a strict list of instructions, often for the rest of their lives, or risk huge consequences.

It’s these people I am trying to help with the creation of Now What Can I Eat? The Cookbook and it’s correlating Kickstarter. I know what it’s like, I’m one of them. Last year my life was saved thanks to a double lung transplant and the gift of life from a donor I didn’t know. I am and will be forever grateful and want to do something positive to mark the journey I have been on, as a tribute for my second chance and as a way of giving back, through charitable donation, to the people and organisations that saved my life.

I have an expert team of dieticians on board from Papworth Hospital, a publisher working pro bono as well as over 100 recipes contributed by famous chefs, restaurants and well known foodies. I also have hundreds of people who have engaged already and said how helpful and beneficial the book would be to them but in the cruel light of day what I really need is money.

Since launch the Kickstarter campaign has raised over £26,000 with the support of the public but we now only have until this Sunday, the 20th and my 29th birthday, to make the concept a reality.

I need someone to commit to the idea financially  in the same way as I have emotionally. Invest some money behind it and make the campaign more than an idea. Make it a cookbook which can start helping people for which outside of the medical lists and texts at present no resource exist.

According to last years government figures there are over 5695000 business in the UK. On Sunday The Times Rich List demonstrated the wealth within our nation and while I am under no disillusion that all businesses have thousands, of even hundreds, of pounds to spare I am making an appeal for every business, or individual business man or woman, to consider if they may be able to support this cause and help us make it a reality before it is too late. If the answer is yes I urge you please to get in touch. Without you this book will not happen. The idea will not progress and the resource will remain unavailable but with your support we could make such a huge impact on so many lives.


Written in hope,


Pippa Kent

Creator of Now What Can I Eat?

Support the crowdfund here.

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