Top 5 budget vegan ranges

Written by Lori Campbell on 22nd Jul 2021

While it’s undoubtedly a positive move for the planet, going vegan is often viewed as an expensive choice that’s simply out of reach for many households on lower incomes.

However, as more Brits than ever decide to turn their backs on animal products, major supermarket brands have responded by creating their own vegan ranges that cater for those on a budget.

Here, we’ve rounded up our top 5 affordable vegan ranges:


1. Aldi’s Plant Menu 

Aldi has a large vegan range – 91 products, in fact – of mainly frozen foods and ready meals. Its impressive variety of vegan options won it a “Top Grocer Award” from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Aldi concentrates less on creating pretend meat (although it does offer some ‘meatless meat’ options to cover all bases), taking a more whole-foods approach to vegan substitutes.

Prices range from 99p for two BBQ jackfruit rolls, £1.25 for nine baked sweet potato pakoras and £1.25 for ‘Mediterranean-style’ falafels to £1.99 for dairy-free salted caramel ice cream.


2. Lidl’s Vemondo

In April 2021, budget supermarket Lidl expanded its own brand Vemondo to include plant-based products. The entire Vemondo range is now also climate-neutral, with Lidl offsetting the CO2 emissions of the products during both production and transportation.

Customer favourites are the Vemondo vegan ploughman’s sandwich at £1.60, marguerita pizza at £2.49 and vanilla and forest fruits ice cream at £1.49.

Also, if giving up cheese is a big barrier to you becoming vegan, Lidl could be your answer with three new vegan cheese options. They all use coconut oil as a substitute for dairy.

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3. Asda’s Plant Based

With prices starting at £1.50, Asda says its Plant Based range aims to be the most affordable on the market.

While most meat substitutes found in supermarkets are made with soya, Asda centres its range on mushroom-based meat alternatives, including meat-free mince, burgers, sausages and meatballs.

Key products include the meat-free quarter pounder burger at £1.50, smoky tofu burrito at £2.50, duckless spring rolls at £2.25 and dirty fries (covered in a cheddar alternative and chilli peppers) at £2.25.


4. Sainsbury’s Plant Pioneers

Sainsbury’s plant-based range of 36 products – Plant Pioneers – offers the nation’s best loved staples (we’re talking cottage pie, pizza, lasagne Indian curries, and spaghetti meatballs) as well as core vegan ingredients, snacks and desserts.

Prices range from £1.50 for four ‘sausage’ rolls and £1.75 for eight no-beef burgers, to £2.75 for a lasagne and £3.00 for a spicy ‘pepperoni’ pizza. You could also easily whip up your own vegan meal using the no-beef mince at £2.00 or chicken-style pieces at £1.75.


5. Morrison’s V Taste

Morrison’s launched its own-brand plant-based V Taste range in 2018, and regularly adds more products to its selection as demand increases.

Key products include Chilli Non Carne and rice at £3, beef-less steak (made from seitan and mushrooms) at £3, meat-free mince at £1.49, no meatballs at £1.49 and chorizo sausages at £2.50. Its vegan mature cheddar (which contains coconut oil) at £2 for a 200g block is also a customer favourite for taste.


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