Positive impact is key to solving SDGs, says report

Written by Lori Campbell on 27th Nov 2023

The world must urgently get back on track towards solving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through ambitious positive impact investment, says a new report.

The Positive Impact Report 2023 from EQ Investors (EQ) outlines the wealth manager’s approach to making a positive difference to the planet and society, as well as maximising profit, through its investments.

Its publication marks the half-way point to achieving the SDGs – which were established in 2015 – by 2030. Also known as the “Global Goals,” the SDGs are a globally recognised framework that defines the most pressing social and environmental issues we face.

Sophie Kennedy, Joint Chief Executive of EQ Investors, said: “One thing is clear: the world is not delivering progress towards the 17 SDGs at the necessary pace and scale required. We remain committed to shifting the dial.

“With less than a decade left to accomplish these demanding targets, the ambition of the strategy to demonstrate that investors can make positive impact through their investments has never been more important.”

The report sets out how companies in EQ’s Positive Impact Portfolios are helping to provide solutions to the SDGs.

Report highlights

Key highlights for £1 million invested in the EQ Positive Impact Adventurous portfolio in 2022 include:

  • 288 tonnes of CO2 avoided – the equivalent of taking 62 cars off the road.
  • 35 tonnes of waste recycled – the equivalent of 36 households’ waste.
  • 452 MWH of renewable energy generated – the equivalent of 167 homes’ usage.
  • 1,3 million litres of clean water provided – the equivalent of 10 households’ usage.
  • 8,070 hours of school, higher and adult education delivered.

This year the report has expanded to include EQ’s new active stewardship strategy. A Good With Money ‘Good Egg’ and B Corp company, EQ says it actively engages with fund managers to maximise impact made on the SDGs.

It says: “We are delighted to highlight our commitment to active stewardship over the past year, evidencing the way in which we play our part in shaping the behaviour and practices of the companies we invest in.”

Meanwhile, as part of The Big Give Christmas Challenge, The EQ Foundation is providing match funding to six charities achieving positive outcomes and delivering long lasting benefits to people in the UK and overseas.

This year’s Big Give Christmas Challenge starts at midday on 28th  November and runs for seven days.

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