6 ‘B Corp’ finance firms doing good with your money

Written by Lori Campbell on 7th Mar 2024

Many of us are familiar with seeing sustainability logos like Fairtrade or The Soil Association on the products we buy – but what about B Corp?

B Corp is a fast-growing global community of companies using business as a force for good. Businesses that become B Corps are for-profit companies, certified by the non-profit B Lab, for having met rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

And it’s not just a logo to look out for on food, clothes or beauty products; excitingly, an increasing number of financial firms are joining the movement. So many are applying for certification, in fact, that B Corp has suspended new applications for large financial services companies while it introduces new standards specifically for the sector.

This recent drive from financial firms to be held accountable is encouraging because of the starring role the industry must play in the move to a more sustainable economy – and just how hard it is for consumers to know who to trust in this crowded and often confusing space.

It’s something we recognised at Good With Money when we created the Good Egg mark back in 2017. The mark makes it easy for consumers to find a good deal for the planet and society, as well as their pocket, when choosing where to invest, save, borrow or bank.

It is only awarded to companies that can prove they make a positive difference to the planet and society, as well as their customers and staff.

To celebrate B Corp Month 2024, we’re spotlighting six financial firms that have achieved a double whammy of appreciation for their sustainable efforts – B Corp certification AND a Good Egg mark from Good With Money.


The Good Egg mark: why it matters

Triodos Bank

Triodos Bank is one of the world’s most sustainable banks, offering everyday banking services for individuals, businesses and charities. Customers’ money is only lent to businesses and organisations bringing about positive social, environmental and cultural change.

Triodos has been a certified B Corp since the European launch of the movement back in 2015 and is still the only B Corp to offer a personal current account in the UK.

Jacco Minnaar, Chief Commercial Officer of Triodos Bank: “B Corp is a growing community of successful and sustainable companies that create positive social impact and change. We believe the B Corp certification helps increase awareness and credibility of corporate sustainability.

“It delivers proof that a business-model focused on long-term added value instead of short-term financial profit is the only way forward for all companies. We are part of this movement and are proud to be a B Corp ourselves.”

Triodos Bank was also the first (and is still the only) bank to be awarded a Good With Money ‘Good Egg’ mark. It was ranked by independent experts Ethical Screening and the Good Egg panellists as having “high positive impact” across every category.

Certified B Corp since: 2015

Overall B Corp score: 131.3

First awarded a Good Egg mark: 2018

Read our Good Egg report on Triodos Bank here


Path Financial

Path Financial offers a range of financial advice and wealth management services as well as positive impact investment options.

Richard Ravelin, General Manager at Path Financial, says: “There’s only so much impact an individual business can have. That’s why we’re proud to be part of a global movement that’s growing every day. As a B Corp, we’re committed to using our business as a force for good. That means we go above and beyond for our workers, customers, environment and community, and we have a governance structure that protects our principles.

“We want to be part of the solution, and this includes Path’s Portfolios which maximise alignment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals – the blueprint for all countries to promote development that not only meets the needs of people and planet today but builds resilience and sustainability for our future generations.

“For us, B Corp Certification and Good Egg Accreditation are more than just marks, they’re badges we wear proudly and represent a collective call for change.”

Certified B Corp since: 2022

Overall B Corp score: 99.1 

First awarded a Good Egg mark: 2022

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EQ Investors

EQ Investors is a financial planner and investment manager that only invests its customers’ money in sustainable ways.

Ben Faulkner, Marketing & Communications Director at EQ Investors, says: “We’re extremely pleased to be a part of this change-making community and hope to inspire others to use their businesses for good too. Even if you do not become a B Corp yourself, you can still make a difference.

“The B Corp Directory lists the scores of all B Corps globally. That means you can find firms you can buy from, and do business with, that you know have been independently vetted for their sustainability.

“We’re very proud to be one of the first firms to pick up a Good with Money ‘Good Egg’, which is the UK’s first responsible money kitemark. This unique kitemark allows us to build trust with our clients, workforce, and suppliers.”

Certified B Corp since: 2015

Overall B Corp score: 151.1 

First awarded a Good Egg mark: 2017

Read our Good Egg report on EQ Investors here

Thrive Renewables

Thrive Renewables offers accessible opportunities for individuals and businesses to invest in clean energy projects. It has been building and operating renewable energy projects in the UK for close to 30 years.

Matthew Clayton, Managing Director at Thrive Renewables, says: “As one of the UK’s first mission-driven businesses, we’ve been putting people and planet at the heart of what we do for almost 30 years, funding and building 32 energy projects within that time.

“This shared ethos was one of the reasons we decided to apply for B Corp certification in 2019, joining what was – at the time – under 1,000 other UK businesses prioritising impact. Since then, the UK community has grown to over 1,900 and it’s brilliant to see more companies playing their part in creating a cleaner, fairer and more just world.

“We’re currently going through our recertification journey, which takes place every three years and makes us accountable for our progress. We’re hoping to recertify with a higher score, as we continue to strive for wider stakeholder impact in addition to bringing people together to reduce UK carbon emissions and take action the climate emergency.

“As well as being a B Corp, we’re also proud to be one of a small number of independently accredited Good Egg companies, which recognises the businesses making a positive difference across three impact areas: environmental, social, and industry.”

Certified B Corp since: 2019

Overall B Corp Score: 110.8

First awarded a Good Egg mark: 2017

Read our Good Egg report on Thrive Renewables here


Bluesphere Wealth

Financial planning firm BlueSphere Wealth, founded in 2019, is committed to supporting its clients to align their investments with their values and beliefs.

Mark Armstrong, founder of Bluesphere Wealth, says: “As a specialist in sustainable investments, being a B Corp means that we are committed to maintaining rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency, underscoring our dedication to making a positive impact beyond just profit.

“Receiving the ‘Good Egg’ award from Good With Money reinforces our commitment to ethical and responsible investment practices, highlighting our dedication to supporting sustainable projects while operating with the highest ethical standards.”

Certified B Corp since: 2022

Overall B Corp score: 97.4 

First awarded a Good Egg mark: 2021

Read our Good Egg report on Bluesphere Wealth here


Switchfoot Wealth 

Switchfoot Wealth provides independent financial advice and wealth management services for private clients, businesses and fiduciaries. What makes it stand out from the crowd is its belief that “all financial planning should be sustainable financial planning” – and the conviction to follow that through.

It shows clients the environmental and social impact of their money and supports them to make better long-term choices – for their own future and for the planet’s. It services include pension planning, life assurance, income protection, and investments/regular savings.

Read our Good Egg report on Switchfoot Wealth here

Certified B Corp since: 2022

Overall B Corp score: 96.3

First awarded a Good Egg mark: 2024

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