Ecology Building Society

Ecology Building Society is “dedicated to building a greener society by providing mortgages for properties and projects that respect the environment and support sustainable communities, funded through our range of simple, transparent savings accounts.”

It received a Good Egg mark in 2019 in recognition of its commitment to the environment and communities, which runs right back to its origins.

Could Ecology be the oldest financial institution with a founding principle to protect the natural world?

Most probably.

Ecology was started in 1981 by a group of like-minded people committed to building a more sustainable future through forming a building society that could help finance environmental building renovations and support sustainable development.

Since then, it has expanded the reach of its lending, but remains committed to its mission and ethical principles.

In 2018, Ecology lent £38.4 million to support 255 sustainable properties and projects.

What can I get from Ecology?

Savings accounts and mortgages.

The savings account options currently available are:

  • Easy Access
  • Cash Isa
  • 90-day Notice
  • Regular savings


The building society specialises in self-build, renovations and conversion projects. are residential, commercial and community and are discounted for those making their homes more energy efficient – which is 95 per cent of Ecology customers.

The discount varies depending on the scale of the energy improvement.

You can find out more about some of these in the product sections below or by visiting the Ecology website.

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