Triodos Bank

Triodos Bank was established in the Netherlands in 1980, opening its first branch in the UK in 1995.

It is committed to a 100% sustainable business model and total transparency. More on its tenets here.

Besides looking after peoples’ cash, it has the following missions to:

  • help create a society that protects and promotes the quality of life of all its members
  • enable individuals, organisations and businesses to use money in ways that benefit people and the environment, and promote sustainable development
  • provide customers with innovative financial products and high quality service

We love Triodos because it is the most established ethical finance option for UK savers and investors and has stood the test of time.

It was awarded the Good Egg mark by Good With Money in 2018.

The launch of a Triodos current account in 2017 filled a gap in the market for people wanting to bank in line with their values.

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