Nutmeg Socially Responsible Portfolios

Online wealth manager and ‘robo-adviser’ Nutmeg offers 10 fully managed, globally diversified, socially responsible portfolios. All Nutmeg portfolios will show a range of scores, calculated using thousands of independent data points from MSCI, a leading provider of ESG data and analytics. These scores give investors a clear picture of how each portfolio ranks for environmental, social, and governance principles: covering issues such as corporate tax being paid, measures to guard against corruptions in their supply chain and what’s being done to limit the carbon they produce.  

The Nutmeg Socially Responsible portfolios are available through and have a minimum investment of £500. They have an ongoing annual charge of around 1.16 per cent for portfolios up to £100,000 and 0.71 per cent for portfolios of more than £100,000.

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