Top 5 ethical financial advisers

Written by Rosie Murray-West on 31st Aug 2017

Investing ethically can pay off. As at July 31 this year, the FTSE4Good global index, which focuses on those companies that meet global Environmental, Social and Governance standards, had returned 80 per cent over five years[1]. Advisors who understand how to invest in this area are experts in picking the right green and ethical funds to get returns, without the guilt. Here are five of the best.


Castlefield is a family of investment and advisory businesses with a focus on clients’ values. Established in 2002, the core team came from the UK fund management arm of a pan-European private banking group. Managing investments for charities was a major focus and it still is today. Following the acquisition of the UK’s two oldest ethical advice firms, it is now an integrated advice and investment management group, widely recognised for its expertise in responsible and sustainable investment. It also runs a grant-making charitable trust that share’s in the business’s profits.

Tanya Pein, In2Consulting

A member of the advisory board of the Ethical Investment Association, Tanya specialises in financial advice for charities and individuals with larger portfolios. She also provides training on Environmental, Social and Governance standards for charities.

Jeannie Boyle, EQ Investors

EQ Investors has a commitment to ethical investing, has its own charitable foundation and was one of the first recipients of the Good With Money Good Egg mark. Jeannie, at the firm, has also launched positive impact portfolios, invested in a well-diversified mix of 20-25 funds and actively managed by EQ. They can be held both in ISAs(tax-free savings) and SIPPs (personal pension). These portfolios invest in companies that intend to have a good effect on the planet, and actively avoid those who don’t. The portfolios were shortlisted for the Better Society Awards in 2016.

The Ethical Investment Co-operative

Winner of the best IFA firm in the Consumer Financial Awards run by the Guardian for three consecutive years, the Co-operative has adopted a structure whereby all members are equal and therefore decisions are made on simple majorities, and works with Amnesty International on ethical investing. Based in York.

Ethical Investors

This ethically focused firm of IFAs pledges to distribute at least 50 per cent of its own net profit to charities and good causes each year. The group will only advise on and arrange investments that are linked to social, environmental or ethically screened funds.

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