Smug Money podcast #16: The rise of sustainable investing

Written by Jen Gale on 26th Jan 2021

There has been huge growth in sustainable investing in recent years, as more people become aware not only of its power for doing good, but it’s potential for making a profit too.

Here, Jen Gale – founder of the Sustainable-ish blog – talks to Mike Appleby, investment manager on the Liontrust Sustainable Investing Team, about the seemingly unstoppable rise in sustainable investing, exactly what it is – and how you can do it.

Mike also explains the questions you should be asking your independent financial advisor if you want to put your money where your morals are. “It’s your money and you should know where it’s invested,” he says. And ultimately, he adds, “if it doesn’t sound like their values are similar to yours, there are lots [of financial advisors] out there so don’t give up.”


Remember, none of what you will hear constitutes financial advice and if you invest on the basis of this podcast, you do so at your own risk. Past performance is not a guide to future performance, and you could lose all your capital.

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